1992 – 1999: info + stills

Last Night Meant Nothing (Super 8, 20.5 mins, 1998/9)

“This tour-de-force from UK Exploding Cinema’s Paul Tarragó is a film in six parts as it chronicles the good and bad dreams of an otherwise indifferent
night. Its experimental narrative is as straightforward as it is complex: incorporating stories, science demonstrations and a failing matinee hero.”   Antimatter

Eratosthenes at Home (Super 8/performance, 5.5 mins, 1998)
Time-lapse film and live performance piece – fake biography and illustrated lecture on how the Earth’s circumference was calculated.

Signs of Life (Super 8, 5.5 mins, 1997)

Found footage, offcuts and extraneous sequences reassemblage – a gesture to the pleasures of images that move.

Human Error in the Mechanical Age (Super 8, 11.5 mins, 1997)

More live action and animation, described in the Whitechapel Open screening notes by Andrew Kötting as: “Glorious dreamscape and a dog connection, reminiscent of a bygone era at the dawning of the age of the answer machine”.

Volcano Meets the Press (Super 8, 5 mins, 1996)
The film of the Press action – kinetic reworking of a publicity ploy for the first Volcano Film Festival.

Stay in a Friendly Country (Super/Single 8, 14 mins, 1995)

Formally eclectic but heartfelt tribute to the holiday home movie heritage of low gauge formats.

See movie HERE

“This short proves that vacation movies can be made entertaining if one just takes the time to edit them. Indeed I found this Super-8 short about the director’s trip across Europe to be rather inspiring, demonstrating how anyone with a little imagination and a papier mache cat can be a filmmaker instead of just a camera operator.”

Paint Sale (Super 8, 3.5 mins, 1994)

A documentary – of sorts – retinted, toned, sped up, slowed down.

Their Time Had Come (Super 8, 5.5 mins, 1993)

 A documentary on animal mortality – live action and hand treated footage (bleach + inks).

Notebook (Super 8, 13.5 mins, 1993)

A tribute to Marie Menken’s film of the same name – literally a notebook spanning several tomes worth of self-devised techniques – narrative, formal and attacking and sticking things to the film-wise.

Requiem for an Ice Baby (Super 8, 6.5 mins, 1992)

The fleeting memories of a melting infant – live action, animation and rephotography (through ice).

Home Town Reel (Standard 8, 5.5 mins, 1992)
Multiply exposed passage through local urban and domestic spaces.

Life And How To (16mm, 11mins, 1990)
Experimental narrative exploring a therapist’s relationship with her kleptomaniac patient.