2006 – 2010: info + stills

The Badger Series


Much of this period has involved work on this cycle of short videos, based around an imagined broadcast puppet show. Although premised on the conventions of television, this is no parody nor pastiche. Rather it’s a revisiting and recasting of a world I watched as a child and can now enter into Originally this was shown as a 4 video installation, which toured internationally in the 2 person gallery show We Make Our Own Television (there’s a review here). Since then several more episodes have been made and have shown as a block – including at Alma Enterprises (London), Anthology Film Archives (NY), Deluge Contemporary Art (Canada), Margaret Harvey Gallery (UK), Triangle France (Marseille), Beaconsfield (London) – as well as individually at film festivals and art spaces worldwide.

Along the way the series has been described as ‘superb and original’1, ‘one of the superlative half hours of video art watching this reviewer has done all year’2, ‘startlingly odd, humorous and honest’3 picking up Best Narrative Short at CUFF, Best of Festival Prize at Fundada 2010, and touring internationally in the European Media Art Festival curated programme.

The series has been taken up for distribution by Video Data Bank.

                                            Paul and the Badger – Episode 8 (mini DV, 12 mins, 2010)

The story behind Gustav the Dancing Robot and a consideration of identity and belonging. Book Club title: Frankenstein.

      Paul and the Badger – Episode 7 (mini DV, 11 mins, 2009)

Whilst making a public information film the household becomes fascinated by a prop microscope and the window it opens on to the world of microbes.

Paul and the Badger – Episode 6 (mini DV, 13.5 or 12.5 mins, 2009)

Back to nature after a glut of technology, which leads to discussions of Henry David Thoreau, sexuality, and a moral dilemma.
This is a multi-choice ending episode (hence the differing running times).

Paul and the Badger – Link episode (mini DV, 3.5 mins, 2008)
Catch up piece for people who haven’t seen Episodes 1 to 4.

Paul and the Badger – Episode 5 (mini DV, 14 mins, 2008)
A surprise visitor in the garden sets the household to thinking about their origins.

See movie HERE

Alma Auction promo (mini DV, 1.5 mins, 2007)

Stamps (mini DV, 5.5 mins, 2007)

A consideration of stamps and their methods of adhesion. Episode one of a (potential) public information series.

See movie HERE

Paul and the Badger – Episode 4 (mini DV, 6.5 mins, 2006)
Extended dream sequence intended as a balance for the weightier themes of Episode 3.

Paul and the Badger – Episode 3 (mini DV, 13.5 mins, 2006)
A sudden dilemma, a plummet of spirits and the necessity of rallying round.

Paul and the Badger – Episode 2 (mini DV, 9.5 mins, 2006)
The Badger and the Squirrel relay the world through a lens.

Paul and the Badger – Episode 1 (mini DV, 11.5 mins, 2005)
The sight of a model skeleton unearths a memory in the Badger that he has repressed all these years, prompting him to ask some pretty tricky questions about life, death and self-sacrifice.

1) The Londonist, Jan 2010 – Review by Abby Chau
2) Artvehicle, Issue 4 – Review by Adrian Lee of We Make Our Own Television
3) Rooftop Films