Here are links to a selection of my films, just listed by title as further details are available on this site.
There are many more, including several viewable on Vimeo or as clips on VDB, but I wanted to keep it brief(ish) here.
Plus, these are ones I currently think most worth seeing – so you could say they’re especially curated… but only if you like saying that kind of thing.

Advertisements for myself (8 mins, 2021)

Infomercial/promo for ‘The Variations’ (3.5 mins, 2021)

*a dozen one minute ‘adverts’* (12 episodes x 1 min, 2020)

q+a film for Antimatter ‘Self service’ section on ‘My Summer..’, my filmmaking, plus MORE (6.5 mins, 2020)

link to a q+a text interview with me on VDB

My summer with Raúl (12.5 mins, 2019)

Magic Explained (7 mins, 2019)

The Popular Touch (2 min intro extract, 2018)

gadabout (5.5 mins, 2017)

The Riddle (ghost chair) (11 mins, 2014)

Paul and the Badger – Episode 5 (14 mins, 2008)

Stamps (5.5 mins, 2007)

Stay in a Friendly Country (14 mins, 1995)