The Mascot Moth

My writing’s become a sideline that keeps wandering centre stage, so much so that there’s now a paperback book (further details below). Here are three short pieces from that collection – mostly experimental fiction with a sprinkling of fact:

Production Plan  (309 words)

Janie and Jerome  (752 words)

Record of Response (2,080 words)

orange 300dpi COVER 2 copy

The Mascot Moth + several other pieces

A collection of eighteen short pieces – all new! all paper! It’s 160 pages long, including a handful of pictures and absolutely no scripts.

It’s available here for £6.50 (+ free delivery) and here for $10.04 (+ free shipping).

The subjects include: Jacques Cousteau’s encounter with Hell; a balloon-folding workshop on failure; the history of tv remotes; a hide + seek game that lasts a lifetime; an academic research team’s disappointing project; a naturally occurring cloud of hydrogen cyanide gas; an online alt lit creative writing group that goes awry; the difference between vintage, collectable and unique; and much more.

Only friends and family have seen it so far so there are no voices of repute, or totems of critical acumen, I can gesture to or usher in (yet). So, in the meantime, “insightful, playful and sometimes very funny” (Friend 1), “really quite extraordinary” (Friend 2), and “I’m very excited about the book!” (Friend 3) will have to do. If you’ve liked any of my films there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy it. If you like your experimental fiction to be operating within the bounds of narrative, then this should be eligible for your bookshelves too.

You like short stories? Yes, these are short. But the occasional longer one too? There are a couple of those also. And for your books to cost no more than £7/$10.50? Then there’s every indication that this is for YOU.

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