SKIPPER (mistic speech)  (12.5 mins, 2016, HD video)


 Circles, holes, cats, ribbons, ducks, flat furniture and moth. Experimental and domestic, no story but much glee.

p.s. The strange spelling of mystic in the title is deliberate. It comes from a translation of Aristotle’s ‘Metaphysics’ where it talks about things being “… as in a riddle, or with a cloudy voice… mistic speech”. Some condensed vapour also features…

 The Riddle (ghost chair)  (11 mins, 2014, HD video)

Riddle arrangement

Experimental but heartfelt, all fiction + mostly video.
Featuring: phantoms, parakeets, some animation, much smoke, Super 8 hi-jinks, several actors.
This is: an extrapolation from ‘Making things meaningful’ (2003), a deviation from the first paragraph of ‘The Riddle’ (1812), a science fiction story, a fairytale, a consideration of representation and form PLUS several science explorations by the filmmaker.

 Kodachrome 40, 50, 60… go  (11.5 mins, 2014, Super 8 + 35mm slide projection/live performance)

KC40 50 60

Spoken word, multi projection piece. A fever dream vision of dwindling technologies – and another all analogue foray.

See trailer HERE

 The SEVEN Wonders  (19.5 mins, 2012, HD video)

Julia and the spots

The tenth episode in the ongoing Badger series. Themes? Living in the culture of the copy; originality and ownership; inexplicable illness; life on other planets. And wonder, times seven.

Prizewinner at FLEX festival.

 We Are Time  (11.5 mins, 2012/13, 16mm + vinyl record/live performance)

We Are Time montage

Performance piece with intensely worked time lapse, stop motion and open shutter (celluloid) film projection. And very live sound too – voice, vinyl record and audio cassette adding to the all analogue mix.

See trailer HERE